With Boots



Here is With Boots, made of tracks from With Teeth, Nine Inch Nails' latest album, mashed up with contemporary (and some older) pop/rock... artists. The result of songs mixed this way are often called bootlegs or boots in case you're asking yourself why I gave my project this name.


01 . All the Love in the Revelator

02 . You Know These Boots are Getting Smaller

03 . Radio Live Collector

04 . The Hand that's No Fun

05 . Love is not Precious

06 . Every Light Pours out Exactly the Same

07 . Da Ya Think my Teeth are Sexy

08 . Get Down Only.

09 . Another Spot in the Sun, part II

10 . We're in this Blurred Line Together

11 . Beside You Heroes

12 . Right Where Clint Belongs

bonus tracks

13 . John the T.V. Eye (that Feeds)

14 . Beside You in Swastika Eyes

15 . The Island that Loves

16 . Only Fame

17 . Xerces, the Collector

18 . Fight Club is not Enough

Click on the tracks to download them individually.

In case you prefer, you can download With Boots into a ZIP archive.

With Boots is meant to be revamped and updated, it's been over ten years already... Hopefully soon.
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all songs originally written by Trent Reznor.
every remix by totom

Here's a cover I made recently:
With Boots front cover.

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